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General Terms And Conditions

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The SCHLOSS BIZARR offers exclusive furnished rental apartments and premises. The renting of theapartments for respective tenants and co-users is only allowed over the age of 18.

According to the detected reservation request, we will send the payment information and terms and conditions via e-mail. With payment of the price the General terms and conditions are accepted.

The booking confirmation will be sent after receipt of money. We reserve the right to reservations, without giving reasons, to reject.

The photos on the website do not guarantee the exact representation of all the devices and guarantee that no claim to completeness.

A commercial use of the Apartments is not permitted.

With the confirmation of the booking request-the total rental price including the Deposit (see 9.) without extras and deductions is due within a period of 5 days after receipt of the provisional booking confirmation. Decisive for the compliance with this deadline is the receipt of payment. The payment is not received within this period, we consider the contract as dissolved and the reservation will be cancelled. This is only valid for bookings of at least a week in advance. In the case of other shorter-term bookings the following terms and conditions in point 3 shall apply.

In the case of bookings made less than 7 days in advance, we ask for the immediate payment, in the case of Last Minute booking the total paid amount at the same day cash.

Changes to the booking at a later time, such as, for example, a shortening or lengthening of the booking period, or a transfer of the booking to third parties is only made in consultation with us. For accommodation bookings: A cancellation of the booking until 4 weeks prior to arrival, minus a service fee of EUR 10.00 is free of charge. In case of cancellation up to 14 days prior to arrival for overnight Stays, 50% of the payment will be withheld. For cancellations under 14 days or no-show, the advance total amount will be forfeited.

For the Loft: A free cancellation until 14 days before the day of the booking. Cancellations up to 7 days in advance will be charged 50% of the price paid. For cancellations under 7 days or no-show, 100% of the rental fee will be forfeited.

For cancellations please send an Email with your name and the relevant booking information. The repayment is made to the same account of the payment performance. In exceptional cases and at its sole discretion, we may charge for new or replacement rental of the booked period, the amount paid as a credit for a future booking or rebooking, a service fee of 10,00 Euro will be withheld. For new bookings, in case of full cancellation, we offer special prices.

The rental period starts on the day of arrival from 15 pm and ends on departure day at 11 am. Exceptions, such as preferred check - In times can be communicated on the booking form, if it is possible, we will consider this at the time of booking (see Early Check-In or Late Check-Out).

The first arrival should be no later than 20.00. Detailed instructions and the address will be sent via Email.

The premises may only be used in the booking, the tenant number of persons specified uses.
Pets are not permitted.

The tenant shall be liable for any losses and damages caused to the apartment, the furniture and furnishings during the use in full of the purchase value. For short-term outage of furnishings, public utilities or an Internet connection and a TV set, a price reduction is excluded. The Same applies to force majeure. The use of the apartment, the furnishings, and the public paths and stairs is at your own risk.

In the case of loss of valuables during the stay, the liability is excluded. The use of the Vault in the Apartment is recommended.

The agreed price is the final price and contains all additional costs, including the above-described services (on the website as a download and the E-Mail), as well as intended use of the furniture, and provided materials and utensils. Added to this is a deposit of 50 Euro per stay. This will be paid back within 5 to 7 Wertagen or, in the case of excessive contamination and/or deliberate attention to the rules of the house, as well as damage to miss is retained by the tenant and can be proven. For rentals of more than two persons, the deposit may be higher.

Services included, such as beverages and laundry once provided. Consumer products for the general consumption of the amount are offered. More demand is possible at a surcharge.

Film and photo recordings for professional purposes in the Apartments require our consent. Photos for private use and for publication in the private forums are allowed.
We ask you to adhere to the general customs in tenement buildings. This applies in particular to the volume of the music equipment. Further rules and agreements are in the
Rules of the house "Schloss-Knigge", will be sent by Email after booking, or are available as download on the website and as well print out in the premises.

In all of the Apartments are non-Smoking. Smoking is only allowed in the garden and in the particular areas described. The use of vaporization devices is permitted in the kitchen of the Suite.


Compliance with the German law of procedure, in particular in relation to taking illegal drugs, of course, applies also in the SCHLOSS BIZARR. The excessive consumption of alcohol is not permitted because of the associated risks. In the event of infringements, we reserve the right to immediate termination of the lease without refund of the rental fee as well as a ban.

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